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We have started the Y-E-S Award program for fostering future leaders in the field of science and technology. Following the startup of the award program in Vietnam in 2006, in India in 2007, in Laos and Cambodia in 2008, in Myanmar in 2014, it was introduced in Bangladesh in 2019 to support the development and promotion of young leaders to spearhead the growth of these countries in the future.  

This system grants awards to students who have excelled in the area of science and technology and who continue to aspire to higher academic achievement. However, it is distinctive in that it is not restricted to tuition but may be used for a broad range of activities. Furthermore, the grant is awarded in two stages. Another very unique characteristic of the system is that its details are matched to the receiving country's needs and circumstances; it is set up to be flexible to each country's needs.  

The program hopes to promote dissemination of eco technology among the young generations and at the same time to strengthen interaction and exchange between Japanese youths and young people expect to lead science, technology and industry in their respective countries.