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  Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd.  

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI) is the 100% subsidiary of Honda Motor Company, Japan – the World’s No.1 two-wheeler company. Honda started its Indian 2Wheeler operations in May 2001.In its 18th year, Honda has grown to become India’s 2nd largest two-wheeler company with over 42 million happy customers in India.

Overall, Honda 2Wheelers India total YTD sales stand at 9,50,398 units in April-May’19. Of this, domestic sales closed at 8,92,690 units and exports 57,708 units in the first two months of the fiscal.

Honda started production in 2001 from its first plant of 1.65-million-unit capacity in Haryana. In 2011, Honda expanded to 2nd plant in Rajasthan with 1.2 million annual capacity. In 2013, came the 3rd plant in Southern state of Karnataka with 1.8-million-unit annual capacity. Continuing to rapidly expand to meet demand, Honda inaugurated its 4th scooter-only plant in Gujarat with 1.2 million units annual production capacity. Further strengthening its ‘Make in India’ resolve, Honda invested an additional 0.6 million units in a new line at the Karnataka plant. Overall, Honda’s total production capacity from 4 plants was 6.4 million units in FY’18-19.
Honda will additionally expand the annual production capacity of its 4th scooter-only plant. The new production line will add 0.6 million units and increase the total annual production capacity of scooters to 1.8 million units in the year 2020.


  1st plant
Manesar, Haryana
2nd plant
Tapukara, Rajasthan
3nd plant
Narsapura, Karnataka
4th Plant
Vithalapur, Gujarat
Annual production
Product mix ATSC + MC ATSC + MC ATSC + MC ATSC only -
Till FY’2010-11 1.6M units -- -- -- 1.6M units
FY’2011-12 1.6M units 1.2M units -- -- 2.8M units
FY’2013-14 1.6M units 1.2M units 1.8M units -- 4.6M units
FY’2015-16 1.6M units 1.2M units 1.8M units 0.6M units 5.4M units
FY’2016-17 1.6M units 1.2M units 1.8M units 1.2M units 5.8M units
FY’2017-18 1.6M units 1.2M units 2.4M units 1.2M units 6.4M units
FY’2018-19 1.6M units 1.2M units 2.4M units 1.2M units 6.4M units
FY’2020-21 1.6M units 1.2M units 2.4M units 1.8M units 7.0M units
* ATSC - Automatic scooters, MC - motorcycles

Honda 2Wheelers India: Total sales trend

Year 2W industry Honda 2Wheeler India sales
FY’2001-02 3,321,000 55,000 0 55,000
FY’2002-03 5,053,000 166,300 0 166,300
FY’2003-04 7,948,000 341,400 0 341,400
FY’2004-05 6,576,000 486,150 64,950 551,100
FY’2005-06 7,580,000 499,900 100,700 600,600
FY’2006-07 8,482,000 546,700 168,600 715,300
FY’2007-08 8,087,000 629,090 278,110 907,200
FY’2008-09 8,481,000 666,450 403,750 1,070,200
FY’2009-10 10,569,000 751,900 520,000 1,271,900
FY’2010-11 13,397,606 907,421 750,632 1,658,053
FY’2011-12 15,805,000 1,242,975 864,226 2,107,201
FY’2012-13 15,811,405 1,462,918 1,291,666 2,754,584
FY’2013-14 16,932,477 1,954,740 1,767,195 3,721,935
FY’2014-15 18,462,178 2,580,161 1,872,134 4,452,295
FY’2015-16 18,937,104 2,892,779 1,591,056 4,483,495
FY’2016-17 19,909,100 3,097,358 1,910,745 5,008,230
FY’2017-18 29,014,565 4,010,980 2,112,897 6,123,877
FY’2018-19 24,462,231 3,910,070 1,990,599 5,900,669

Honda 2Wheelers network closed at 6000th mark ending FY’18-19. Honda is the ONLY company in the Indian two-wheeler industry to double its network count. The company inaugurated significant 3300 new touch-points in the last 5 years. (FY’18-19 vs. FY’2013-14 end).

With its corporate office in Gurgaon, Honda has streamlined its strategic planning under one roof. Parallely, penetrated its direct office presence from its 5 regional offices to 16 zonal offices for amassing local market intelligence, strategizing, and implementing regional approach faster. The 16 zonal offices are located at Chennai, Raipur, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Patna, Jaipur, Nagpur, Mohali, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar, Varanasi, Coimbatore, Ranchi, Lucknow, Rajkot and Vijayawada.


  Segment Models Engine
Manufacturing New segment NAVi 110cc
Activa 5G +NEW limited edition
Activa 125 125cc
MC CD 110 Dream DX 110cc
Dream Neo
Dream Yuga
CB Shine+NEW limited edition 125cc
CB Shine SP
CB Unicorn 150cc
CB Unicorn 160 160cc
CB Hornet 160R
CBR 250R 250cc
CKD Fun Bikes CB300R NEW 300cc
CBR650R 650cc
Africa Twin 1000cc
CBU CB1000R 1000cc
Gold Wing 1800cc

Road Safety:
Road Safety is Honda’s top priority globally. In India too, Honda has educated over 26 lac individuals of all age groups on safety riding with special focus on women & kids through its 13 Traffic Training parks in Chandigarh, Jaipur, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Yeola, Hyderabad, Karnal, Indore, Ludhiana, Coimbatore, Chennai and two in Delhi.

Corporate Activism:
Honda 2Wheelers India, announced its biggest social activism movement #ActivIndia. The movement ignites every Indian to exercise their most important form of self-expression - their right to vote. More than 62 lac individuals pledged to vote under this social activism movement.

Fun Culture & Racing promotion in India:
Spreading the Joy of Riding in India, Honda has a portfolio of global high-performance fun bikes (CB1000R, CBR1000RR Fireblade SP, CBR650R, Gold Wing 1800L, CRF 1000L Africa Twin and the all-new Neo Sports Café inspired CB300R). A decade into racing in India, Honda announced its biggest motorsport direction change ‘To develop ICONIC INDIAN RIDER for National & INTERNATIONAL Championships” and the solo Indian team IDEMITSU Honda Racing India for international championships.
In 2019, Honda shared its next ambitious plans for domestic racing with its 2 pronged approach – Structural development (with the new IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup – NSF250R & CBR 150R category) and Brand Leadership (lead championship in PS 165cc class while entering Pro-Stock 200-300cc class of Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship (INMRC).

Honda’s Corporate Social Responsibility:
As a responsible corporate. Honda 2Wheelers is committed to serve the society. Under its CSR umbrella, Honda 2Wheelers’s core pillars is contributing to India with its initiatives in field of Environment and Health & Sanitation, Education, Skill Development, Rural Development and Skill development through its 19 adopted it is.

In its 18 years’ journey, Honda 2Wheelers India has won more than 120 prestigious awards. Honda is also awarded with the most trusted two-wheeler brand by Brand Equity.