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  Ex-Awardee Review  
Vedasri Godavarthi
IIT, Madras

I will start by conveying thanks to Honda foundation. It is really inspiring to see an industry encouraging students to pursue research on eco technology. My experience….this is a dream come true. The whole selection process boosted my confidence levels. This gave me chance to interact with many ingenious personalities, my fellow students. This platform acts like a medium for exchange of information. I got to know about the current research in the field of technology and opportunities for higher education. I am really happy and glad that I have applied for this scholarship and the internship opportunity in Japan.

There are three rounds of selection after the applications are shortlisted. I felt that each round emphasizes on the need of eco technology. The initial round is the on spot essay competition where the topic is related to the impact of eco technology . The other two rounds are interviews with the candidates. I felt that during the whole selection process importance is given to passion and interest in research. That’s absolutely brilliant as it is a stepping stone on the way that will lead to your dream of being a researcher.

Raghav Sonavane
IIT, Kharagpur

Honda Young Engineer and Scientist Award is to foster future leaders in the field of science and technology. Honda Y-E-S Plus provides an additional and momentarily prize to pursue masters or internship at a university, research laboratory or private sector in Japan to fulfill their dreams. The scholarship is mainly aimed to help students contribute to solving one of the most pressing problems faced by humanity at this moment - the problem of striking a balance between ecology and technology.

I personally was very overwhelmed to receive the Honda YES Award, especially when my name was called in the ceremony in front of Honda President and Japan Ambassador, I literally had goosebumps. I have never ever imagined to achieve immense level of success and to be part of one of the most innovative youth of India. It help me gain a lot of confidence to boost my research work to a certain heights. The selection was a very well thought and qualitative process, kudos to the Honda Team.

Karttikeya Manglam
IIT, Kanpur

I feel extremely overwhelmed and fortunate to have received the award, even more so after the award ceremony on 2nd February. This has rejuvenated my enthusiasm for pursuing a career in research in science and technology. Also, the eco-technological aspect of the award has led to me to discovery of a number of recent scientific insights and discoveries in the paradigm and has inspired me to work towards contributing for solution of the problem. Also, I feel immense gratitude towards Honda foundation for conferring upon me this opportunity.

I was selected after a very long and rigorous procedure comproising of shortlisting based on CV, essay, an interview on campus and the final interview in Honda campus in Noida. The procedure was extremely challenging but organized Also, during the preparation I came to know a lot about various aspects of Honda foundation and the life of Mr. Soichiro Honda. I feel the procedure is an apt one keeping the goals of program in mind. Moreover, the award ceremony is a pleasure to attend! The whole journey has been a very rewarding one and I have gained new insights in my motivation pushing me to work even harder. Materialistically, financial help for research would go a very long way in helping achieve my dreams and my life goals. Also, the support received for the HONDA YES+ program is also immense.

Having expected the program I would say that it certainly is one of the very BEST that are available in the country. I am very delighted to be a part of this! Thank you!

Karan Chadha
IIT, Bombay

The Honda YES award was the best thing that happened to me during my Undergraduate Years. The best part was the interview experience, especially the final round in Delhi. It gave me a lot of confidence and on preparing for the interview I knew myself better. Also, I read the book based on the life of Late Mr. Soichiro Honda. It was very inspiring and a great peek into the life of leaders. The award also helped me clear the clouds of confusion gathered in my mind regarding my future plans. I would highly recommend all my juniors to surely apply for this award. It is the best way to get in touch with your fellow IITians from other IITs and make new friends all over India. 

Jithin Krishnan
IIT, Guwahati

I was at the summit of pride and ecstasy after being announced as one of the Honda YES awards 2016.The first thing that came to my mind was my own thoughts a year before after seeing the Facebook posts of my seniors who were awarded with the same. The memories of Himalayan respect that overwhelmed in my mind towards them just after i saw their  posts made me think that finally i have succeed in gaining dignity and respect out of the hardwork and sufferings i put in my works and career. During the beginning of the entire procedure i was very unsure about me even getting shortlisted because of which i dint fill the form till the last date. I was pretty unsure if my essay writing abilities were on par with other competitors. But just after my essay got shortlisted, I came to know the fact that Honda honda is not only looking for the external beauty of the essays , but also the solid internal matters written inside it. The ingenuity of this award inspired me to prepare for the further sessions as i could feel that winning the award is truly genuine and solid. The first round of  interview held in the IIT campus was the first interview I was attending ever in my life.I found it very interactive and was very much impressed by the  simplicity and politeness that the interviewers showcased which made me feel easy to open up my mind. For the final round of interview, i reached the hotel the evening before the day before the interview. I could meet and interact with the friends from other IIT and i find it one of the best experiences that i had through all the procedures. I am so happy that i made lot of friends on that day and i hope i will keep in touch with them all through the life.

The final interview with Shirish Garud sir was something which i could remember all through my life. He asked my lot of things about my projects from the point of view which i haven't explored yet. I am so happy that that interview made me learn so many things myself by just talking to sir exactly like the saying knowledge increases as we share it. The final awards ceremony and the hospitality shown by Honda Motor India for taking up all our responsibility and for their contribution in smooth running of all process. I hope Honda will stay reachable all through my life. 

IIT, Kharagpur

First of all I would like to thank Honda for giving me this opportunity to become part of the prestigious Honda Y-E-S family. I felt ecstatic on winning the award!! It took a while to sink in but then I enjoyed my moment of glory. I am very thankful to my parents, teachers, friends and seniors who helped me in getting the award.

I got to know about the internship from one of my seniors. The application process is very easy. I just filled the online application.

The selection process for Y-E-S award is very well coordinated. The first round is on the spot essay round where we had to write a short essay on the topic of green technology. There were two interviews following the essay round. The first one was in our campus and mainly focused on our inclination towards the field of eco-technology and our future plans. The second one was more technical with the Chief Assessor, Mr. Shirish Garud, at Honda Cars Factory, Greater Noida. As both of my projects were related to the field of eco-technology, the discussion was primarily about my projects and their applications in the field of green technology. The interview seemed to check the willingness and readiness of the candidates to work in the field of eco-technology. The interviewers were very receptive and that encouraged a frank dialogue. Finally 14 students were selected for the Y-E-S awards.

Now regarding the selection, I think that my internships, projects and my ambitious vision were key factors. I am passionate about contributing to the field of eco-technology, and I think my knowledge in the related fields gave me an upper hand. However my work in the Autonomous Ground Vehicle Research Group in IIT Kharagpur, was probably what improved my odds. Also my work in the field of Emotion Recognition, at NTHU Taiwan showed my interest in developing cutting-edge technologies and increased my chances.

I think receiving the Y-E-S Award has been truly the biggest achievement for me till date. It has not only made a significant contribution to my profile but also boosted up my confidence level and encouraged me to perform better. The whole journey towards the award was a learning experience in itself. We were tested on different aspects like essay writing, technical knowledge and soft skills. We also got an opportunity to interact and learn from many respected people during the interviews. All of these experiences will surely be instrumental in helping me turn my DREAMS INTO REALITY.

The best part of the event was meeting people from different IITs who not only shared similar interests but were equally brilliant. I was overwhelmed by the hospitality of the Honda Y-E-S Team, which showed how people at Honda treat each other with reverence. Throughout this process, the representatives from Honda kept in touch with us and helped us at every stage. The Y-E-S Award Program is very well conceived by the Honda Y-E-S Foundation and equally well executed by the officials, making it a huge success. In a nutshell, the whole experience is very enriching and I would urge one and all to be a part of this wonderful experience.

Ajith Narasimman
IIT, Madras

I felt really ecstatic and astonished after I received the award. It really has placed a deep confidence in me that if i put my mind to it I can actually make something out of it. The people at Honda, Mr.shirish and everyone were especially really nice, sweet and hospitable. This award is one I wouldn't forget in a lifetime. The process of this award is simple and easy,the functioning of everyone is really smooth and they all work effectively to make sure you are comfortable and well known of whats going to happen next.There was good food all around once you get selected in the first interview to go to delhi. And also it was such a fun time meeting students from all other IITs.

I would really like to say the motivation and the support i got from my parents and  friends(a whole lot of them) helped.They made sure whenever i doubted myself ,I took a small step forward rather than just be stagnant and do nothing.It feels really good to know that Honda being one of the pioneers of automobile technology is working on design for sustainability rather than design without preemptive thought. 

Abhineet Singh Rajput
IIT, Kanpur

I feel very lucky and blessed. It 's like a dream come true. I feel more confident and motivated. This award has acknowledged my capabilities and being acknowledged at this level, after facing such high competition I feel more pumped up to tackle upcoming hardships.

According to me, Y-E-S Award is the epitome of excellence for an undergraduate.  As students, our life is very redundant. New courses every semester and then learning new skills without knowing their application. We feel lost and often get discouraged thinking that this was the limit. We have no one to acknowledge us and our efforts remain hidden within the crowd. But Awards like these help us in feeling alive. For a human, being acknowledged is the most important thing in general. When one feels acknowledged it is then his true potential awakens and he starts working unlocking levels which he could have unlocked later in his life. In short, this program catalyzes student growth and being among the awardees I feel this progress within me. All my discouragement has vanished I feel like I have something now which says that yes you can do it. Unfortunately, we have very less such award programs. I would like to thank Honda Foundation for initiating Y-E-S awards it is definitely fuelling the fire that burns within all young engineers and scientists.

The Selection Procedure has taken my self-confidence to a completely new level. Preparing for different rounds and giving interviews removed the fear that I earlier had. The selection procedure helped me in introspecting and learning much more about eco-technology and myself. The monetary award I believe will help me in pursuing my masters. Reading about Late Mr. Soichiro Honda, his struggles and concept of individuality motivated me a lot and were the best part of the process. Being a Mechanical Engineering Student it was really a great pleasure reading his autobiography. I would also like to thank Honda Motor India Pvt. Ltd. for smooth conducting of the entire procedure.