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  Ex-Awardee Review  
Saannwra Khod
IIT, Guwahati

The first step in my journey for Honda Y-E-S began quite early in 2015 when one of my seniors got this prestigious award and I come to know about it. With a deep passion for automobiles, the word Honda itself drove me to the Honda Y-E-S website and since then I started following the website and had a firm determination that I need to get this award. The application process went on quite smoothly and I was shortlisted for the first round. It was on the spot essay which was full of uncertainties as the topic could be anything. Luckily this round ended up well and I was called for the first round of interviews. Even though the word “interview” itself gave me goosebumps, I was welcomed with very polite and friendly interviewers which in turn raised my confidence and clearing it became a cake walk. After this round, the HOF team gave me a book by Mr. Soichiro Honda titled “Dreams into Action”. Reading the book was a whole new experience for me with some of the extracts being highly motivating. One of the sayings which deeply appealed me was “The journey of a thousand miles feels like one if you are travelling to see your love”. After reading this quote I could actually correlate it with my struggle in life to achieve what I wanted. Then came the final round of interviews which were held in Honda India headquarters in Noida. This round of interview was more technical with the Chief Assessor being Mr. Shirish Garud. 

I availed the Y-E-S Plus award and completed my internship at University of Tokyo which was indeed a very memorable and a great learning experience. I would like to thank the entire HOF team for making the journey right from the 1st round of interview to the end of my internship very smooth and comfortable.

R. Sai Akshaya
IIT, Madras

Honda YES is undoubtedly one of the best talent recognition programs. My experience has been nothing short of unique, enriching and fulfilling. Right from the point where we had our preliminary screening based on application, the process had proved to be very different and had specifics on social service and co-curricular activities. Interviews showed us how people at Honda treat each other with reverence. Throughout this process, the representative from Honda kept in touch with us and made sure we had everything we required. I got to interact with some of the most brilliant minds from across the country. I sincerely thank Honda and everyone I have been in touch with for making this process nothing short of flawless. Kudos to the meticulously, thought out selection process and event organisation.