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  Ex-Awardee Review  
Sanjeevani Marcha
IIT, Roorkee

A very good afternoon everyone!

As a proud recipient of the Honda Young Engineer & Scientist Award from IIT Roorkee, I, Sanjeevani Marcha, am humbled and glad to share my experience and express my deepest gratitude to everyone who played a part in my journey.

The unique application and selection process has, in itself, been a great learning experience. I strongly believe this prestigious award evaluates the multidimensional capabilities of students across the country who are passionate and driven to contribute to science and research. Through this, I was able to think of ecological impacts of my work, became more aware of its environmental potential and got an opportunity to interact with a pool of passionate like-minded students.

I am grateful to the selection committee who were able to see in me the required potential and caliber and lauded me with the scholarship which is going to have an immense impact on my career. I thank my parents and grandparents for their constant blessings and immense support in all my endeavours and my younger brother who is a source of my energy.

I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to Honda for presenting such a wonderful opportunity to students of our age, for investing in this powerful cause and for believing that “A group of young determined souls inspired by a firm purpose can make all the difference.”

With a broadened vision, I wish all the fellow awardees a very good luck.

Thank you!

Aman Saraf
IIT, Kanpur

A very good afternoon to one and all present here!

As I stand here today, I feel a deep sense of joy and gratitude for being a recipient of the Honda Young Engineer and Scientist Award, a recognition that is priceless.

I would like to thank the people who have been a part of my journey so far. My parents, sister and grandparents believed in me and gave me the courage to be true to myself at all times. The entire process of Honda Y-E-S has been thoroughly inspirational and motivating to me as a student. I thank Honda for bringing an opportunity where we could churn our minds and explore ourselves while giving equal importance to our environment.

Interacting with the other awardees, I was filled with encouragement and excitement for all the remarkable things they have done and continue to do. I am sure I can speak for all of them when I say that, this is only the beginning of a journey where we all wish to add something to the world around us, to leave it as a better place to be in, a journey where the power of dreams propels us to help society in new ways while meeting the rising challenges of the environment.

It is therefore with this great encouragement that I shall continue on this journey, determined to take the best step forward, while remaining true to my ideals!

With immense gratitude and a deep sense of responsibility, Thank you very much!