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  Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd.  
  As the Only Honda in Indian Two-wheeler industry, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI) is the 100% owned subsidiary of Honda Motor Company Ltd. Japan. It started Indian operations in May, 2001 at IMT Manesar (Haryana) and has acquired over 12 Million happy customers in its 12th year of successful operations. Today, HMSI is recognized as the fastest growing 2 wheeler company in India.

Growth: During FY 2012-13, HMSI achieved record breaking sales of 27.54 lac units and became the 2nd largest 2Wheeler Company in Indian two-wheeler market with a significant 31% growth. Overall, in current fiscal 2013-14, HMSI aims to sell 39.3 lac units and register a phenomenal 43% growth over previous year.

Expansion: HMSI reached its peak production level of 16 lac units at its Manesar (Haryana) facility in 2010. To serve customers faster, HMSI added fresh 12 lac unit annual production capacity at its second plant in Tapukara (Rajasthan) in FY’11-12. To further meet increasing customer demand, Honda has inaugurated its third plant of 12 lac unit production capacity at Narsapuram (Dist. Kolar, Karnataka) on May 28, 2013 and production commenced starting June’13. Overall, HMSI cumulative production capacity from its 3 plants is 40 lac units annually. An additional 6 lac unit capacity expansion announced at 3rd plant will take production capacity to 46 lac units by FY’14 end.

Network: In the end of FY 2012-13, HMSI Sales & Service network stood at over 1950 outlets (includes 654 Dealers, 670 Branches/Sub dealers, 565 service set-ups) across India. Further, New Zonal offices were inaugurated at Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bhopal, Mohali and Bhubaneswar for amassing local market intelligence, strategizing and implementing regional approach faster. In current FY’2013-14, we target to add a total of 500 more outlets and provide service closer to customer with a network of 2500 sales and service outlets.

Fun Expansion: Honda is proud to be the Industry First to promote Fun, Safety and Environment in India. Since 5 years, Honda has been expanding popular Fun initiatives like Honda One Make Race, Gymkhana, Asia Cup and the unique Honda Racing Training by Moto GP riders from Japan. In addition, Honda has introduced its global performance fun bikes in India.

Safety Promotion: As a responsible manufacturer, Safety is a priority for Honda. Honda has been regularly conducting safety riding activity for females, CRF 50 and Primary training for kids, riding trainer simulation at dealerships. Till date, HMSI has trained more than 2 lac customers, 41630 children and 8100 women on road safety.

Environment Conservation: On the environmental front, Honda wants that tomorrow be greener than today. To ensure Joy for next Generation, Honda implements environmental management at its premises. It various efforts include reducing and reusing waste to achieve zero emissions, resource conservation, improved efficiency and promotion of Green Factory, Green Supplier, Green Dealer initiatives.

Awards: Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India has been recognized by 15 prestigious awards for both Brand and products. These include the “Most Preferred Scooter Brand in North-East’, two awards for ‘Best Manufacturer to Support Indian Racing” and three “Manufacturer of the Year” awards.

On the product front too, Honda’s first truly mass motorcycle for India – ‘Dream Yuga’ has been the proud recipient of 6 key awards including “Viewer’s Choice of the Year”, “Motorcycle up to 110cc”, & “AAA Creative TV Commercial of the Year” at the NDTV Car & Bike Awards 2013 and “Motorcycle of the Year upto 115cc” at Bike India Awards, “Compact Bike of the Year” at CNBC Tv18 Overdrive Awards and “Motorcycle of the Year upto 110cc” at the ET ZigWheels Awards. CBR 150R too has received the “Enthusiast Motorcycle of the year upto 180cc” at the ET ZigWheels Awards 2012.

About HMSI Plants:

First Plant
Second Plant
Third Plant


IMT* Manesar,
Dist. Gurgaon, Haryana

Tapukara Industrial Area,
Dist. Alwar, Rajasthan

Narsapura Area,
Dist. Kolar, Karnataka

Annual Production Capacity

16 lac units (at full production)

12 lac units (at full production)

12 lac units (production started)
Additional 6 lac units * (by FY’14 end)

Lot Size

210,000 m2

240,000 m2

96 acres

* Planned future production capacity expansion

HMSI Sales Plan (Domestic + Export)


HMSI Sales

SC 55,500 166,300 341,400 486,150 499,900 546,700 629,090 666,450 751,900 907,421 1,242,975 1,462,918
MC 0 0 0 64,950 100,700 168,600 278,110 403,750 520,000 750,632 864,226 1,291,666
Total 55,000 166,300 341,400 551,100 600,600 715,300 907,200 1,070,200 1,271,900 1,658,053 2,107,201 2,754,584
Growth 100% 202% 105% 61% 9% 19% 27% 18% 19% 30% 27% 31%
Industry 3,321,000 5,053,000 7,948,000 6,576,000 7,580,000 8,482,000 8,087,000 8,481,000 10,569,000 13,397,606 15,805,000 15,811,405
Market Share 1% 3% 4% 8% 8% 8% 11% 13% 12% 13% 13% 17%

Model Line – Up & Prices:


Ex-showroom, Delhi








Aviator 48229 - 53547
MC Dream Neo 110cc 43,150 - 47,240
Dream Yuga 45,101-48,619
CB Twister 45,159 - 51,856
CB Shine 125cc 48,523 - 55,316
CBF Stunner 56,908
CB Unicorn 150cc 64,638
CB Trigger 67,384 - 76,884
CBR 150R 1.20 - 1.21 Lac
CBR 250R 250cc 1.56 - 1.85 Lac


Fun Bikes CB 1000R 1000cc 11.80 - 11.97 Lac
CBR 1000RR Fireblade 15.21 - 15.46 Lac
VFR 1200F 1237cc 17.63 Lac
VT 1300CX 1300cc 13.99 Lac