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  Ex-Awardee Review  
Shyam Sunder Prasad
IIT, Bombay
Well, one of my friend summed up my experience beautifully - ' It's the best thing that can happen to you in your undergraduate days'. The journey started with a well-structured selection process comprising of application form, essay writing and two rounds of interviews. Irrespective of final selection, the process provides an ample learning experience wherein you ask questions about yourself, know yourself better and strive to give your best at every shot. The second round of interview also provided an opportunity to interact with fellow mates from other IITs and an insightful visit to the Honda plant. The euphoria began after the final results though.
I was extremely overwhelmed by the kind of appreciation and belongingness received from the awarding people. The award ceremony is so nicely conducted that it gives a feel like you are winning an Oscar. Finally, what I can say that this award dignifies your talent opens up new
opportunities and motivates you to be excellent at what it says about you - young engineer and scientist (YES!).
Shreya Raina
IIT, Guwahati
The Honda Y-E-S journey was one of the most memorable ones! It started with a form and ended with 14 of us in the Award Ceremony at the Shangri-La hotel. Not only did I learn a lot of things during the whole experience, but I also made a number of great friends! This prestigious scholarship made me feel proud about my work and encouraged me to work harder. It is a great opportunity for young innovative researchers who want to contribute towards Eco-technology, as apart from the scholarship, it also provides the Awardees an opportunity to intern/study at renowned Japanese universities.
Nikhil Oberoi

The journey from the first stage of essay writing to the moment of receiving the Y-E-S award turned my life on its head. The journey was challenging with each round testing your communication skills, motivation, awareness and concern about the environment and your knowledge, and teaching you with each experience.

In the first round we had to write an essay on an impromptu topic, which is related to eco technology, in the next the Honda executives interviewed the short listed candidates which took place in the college itself. The final round which takes place at Honda Head Office in Noida, was a new experience altogether. In the chilly winter of January, final short listed candidates from 8 IITs were interviewed by Dr. Raju. I made new friends, met new people, was overwhelmed by the hospitality of the Honda Y-E-S Team. The award ceremony was one not to forget, you get to meet foreign delegates, receiving your first award, and the feeling is unique. As I recall those moments it immediately puts a smile on my face. Those were moments I won’t forget. I thank the entire team of Honda Y-E-S for their overwhelming hospitality, support and cooperation during the Y-E-S Awards.
Harsh Anil Kabra
IIT, Bombay

I have had a lot of interest in nuclear reactions because of the massive effect they have with just tiny little particles, since my childhood. Hence I pursued Physics as my major and also did a research internship in experimental particle physics at Osaka University in May 2014. I linked the nuclear fusion reactor technology to the eco-technological idea.

Winning the Honda Y-E-S Award gave me the confidence booster to pursue my research dreams and am currently doing a summer internship at CERN. I would thank HOF for creating such a nice platform for the young minds.
Anand Pradeep Lalwani
IIT, Bombay

First and foremost, I would like to thank Honda Foundation for providing budding engineers like us with this wonderful platform and opportunity. Receiving the Y-E-S Award has been truly the biggest achievement for me till date. It has not only made a significant contribution to my profile but also boosted up my confidence level and encouraged me to perform better. The journey towards the award was a learning experience in itself. We were tested on different aspects like essay writing, technical knowledge and soft skills. We also got an opportunity to interact and learn from many respected people during the interviews as well as at the award ceremony. I will surely encourage my juniors to apply for this award.

I am looking forward to avail the Y-E-S plus for an internship opportunity in Japan in the next summer term.