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Application and Selection Schedule for the Year 2019-20
1st week of August
  Activity : Launch of program for Year 2019-20
  Procedure : Call for applications through IITs
  Note : Eligible faculties of affiliated IITs
Upto 4th week of August
  Activity : Submit applications
  Procedure : Students YAO*
  Note : Through online application process
3rd week of August
4th week of August
  Activity : Preliminary screening
  Procedure : By YAO*
  Note : Based on eligibility criteria
1st week of September
4th week of September
  Activity : On the spot essay (At IITs 6)
2nd week of September
1st week of October
  Activity : Screening of essay
  Procedure : By YAO* / ASC*
  Note : Based on shortlisting criteria
2nd week of October
2nd week of November
  Activity : First Round of Interviews at respective IIT's
2nd week of December
  Activity : Announcement of shortlisted candidates
  Procedure : By YAO*
  Note : On website
1st week of January
  Activity : Interview with chief assessor
  Procedure : By ASC*
2nd week of January
  Activity : Submit finalist list to HGC*
  Procedure : ASC* HGC*
2nd week of January
  Activity : Examine and decide awardees
  Procedure : HGC*
3rd week of January
  Activity : Announcement of winners
  Procedure : YAO*
  Note : On website
1st week of February
  Activity : Organise award ceremony
  Procedure : YAO*
  Note : In Delhi
YAO :  Y-E-S Administration Office

ASC :  Award Selection Committee

HGC :  HOF Grant Committee